Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #30


We taught one lesson this week. It was a harder week. But we survived and everyone wants to meet tomorrow so we will have a busy tuesday and be bored the rest of the week. FUN!

Helena, the 93 year old, really wants to die. Yesterday, while giving her  the Sacrament , we were talking about her birthday and how we would celebrate. She said "Svinesim Gan... Debesis", which means, we will celebrate... in heaven. She is a riot and is so old and frail.

Today is Halloween, so I will insert some very spooky selfies. Enjoy.

I met a man on a bus named Gunnars. He caught my attention due to his Salt Lake City 2002 scarf. He did the commenary for Latvija in the 2002 Olympics. Cool guy, easy way to start a convo.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #29

 Staigājošie Miroņi
Hello, I saw Elder Seegmiller today.

He was as cute as ever, in a bit of a rush and didn't seem to happy to see me, but all is good.

This week was 7 days long.

This week we taught an Iranian and a Turkish man. It was cool. It was their second lesson and they had a lot of questions that were not relevent and I wanted to die and I loved it.

Our investigators are vanishing out into thin air and we need to find new ones but it is cold and people hate us and I LOVE IT! These are the most blunt people in the world and I fit in like a still kinda fat unpolished diamond!

200 lbs BTW.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #28

Sestdien Parkā, es domāju ka bija ceturtais jūlijs.

I sing that everytime we are in a park on saturday. 
(Saturday, in the park, i think it was the forth of july.)

Only because Elder Seegmiller shared his political thoughts with you, I will share mine: We are done. America is doomed. (Not really, I agree with Elder Seegmiller that we cannot get "Too" crazy, but we need to be careful. I just barely voted, and though I considered writing in Ron Paul (Obvious best choice) I resisted the urge. I will not say who I voted for but it wasn't an orange man or a liar. I pray as well that the Ben Carson sticker is still on the bumper of my car.

The real race that matters, however, is the US House of Representatives District 4 race between Mia Love and Doug Owens. For the sake of everything that is holy, please vote for Doug Owens, we need Mia Love out of office. Doug is a good solid man and will do great things. (Also, vote Superdell haha)

This week was good.

Had some lessons with potentials, nothing came out of that. A lot of contacting and a lot of bailed lessons as well. Thus is life in Riga Latvija as a missionary. Lots of time to fill. People are funny though. They either love us or they hate us.

Marta taught her first lesson in Sunday School and she brought her cousin. SHE IS WONDERFUL.

No one really progressing. We will start at square one and get back to you in a week. 

Almost done training WOW.

Love you all. Pictures next week.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #26

Subject: Donald Trump

Only Isaac updated me on the Debate and I am dissapointed in all of you. Isaac is my only TRUE friend.

Anyway, this week was good.

A is leaving town for a wedding for 2 weeks so we will see what happens then. 

E is well. Word of Wisdom next. (pray for him(and him^^))

We have another investigator named R  (R B= Ralph Becker, former SLC mayor) he is 22. cool guy.

Went with the Sisters to give Masa H one of the original members who happens to be 93, the sacrament. She said a prayer and asked God to let her die. Great fun!

Other than that, just a normal week. 

Went to a museum last week. Watched a lady weave. It was magical.

Many happy for Erin and Hannah. Will be good 'nairies.


I asked Devin what a typical day is like for him. He said " Wake up, exercise (i try to exercise.) eat, shower, at 8 we study till 11. Then we either meet with people or find people until 9. EASY.