Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #41

Suffering, sorrow and pain. 

Hello Family, Friends, Blake Sykes, Mark McDermott, Jon Ruggles, Adrian Ramjoue, and all of the other people who I would like to email me.

This week was one for the ages.

E asked us if he could be baptized. March 4th is the date. VERY EXCITING!

I gave a talk in church. I tried my best to get up and just talk. (not read from a paper) 

 The first speaker spoke about the Book of Mormon and Sister Kunzelman then spoke about Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. 

I then got up and said "Šodien, es runāšu par Ciešanam, Bedam, un Sapem" (Today, I will speak abour Suffering, Sorrow, and Pain.) Everyone got sad.

I spoke of my favorite New Testament verse (Romans 8:18) and how sometimes we focus on our trials and forget the big Picture.

I then told the whole story of my Grandmother, Linda, and her life. I spoke about how through the death of her Husband and Son, she stayed focused on the BIG PICTURE not on the little things. I then spoke of my mother, Tamera, and how she lost her Dad, Brother, and Husband and still keeps going. 

I ended with the point, "Nav Svarīgs kas notiks mūsu dzīvēs, bet ir svarīgs ko mēs darām kad sliktas lietas notiek, tāpēc, ka viņi noteikti notiks visiem" (It is not important what happens to us, but it is important what we do when bad things happen, because they will for sure happen to all of us)

One of my favorite members, An, told me to tell my Mother and Grandmother they they have a sister in the gospel in Latvijā. Also, to say that you have a good grandson and son. Tee hee.

Have a good week.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #40

I bought an ice fishing pole. The Daugava has frozen over and the fish are about to go CRAZY. I am also about to go CRAZY. No one can keep me off the ICE.

Massive perch out of these waters, 5 times the size of the little guys we catch on Utah lake, President Chugg. Very beautiful fish. Also tasty.

I like panfish in general. Crappie, Blugill, Sunfish, Perch, it is all good. Sadly, I still have never caught a Crappie.

No Crappie in Latvija. Lots of Pike though. Breen too, but they are ugly. They also like to eat Carp in Latvija, so that is awful.

I wish investigators were fish. I wish I could just throw a Curly tailed white jig tipped with carp meat into a pond and have a 5 lb Jānis or Līga or Andris or Marta or some other Latvian hooked. 

We did get some bites last  week and this week. Ma, cool guy. Also Ed. 

ALSO GO STEELERS. Skin Bill and Tommy ALIVE!

(Too harsh? No.)

E and  Alare doing well.

P showed up to work with his Church of Satan star and shirt, MASSIVE leather boots, and gave his dad as a referral. Also, he is going to SLC in march. Who is down to take him to dinner? (I have a great time, every time.)

Have a good week. 

I miss fishing, if you didnt notice. Also music. Tootsie Rolls Too.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #39

Friends, family and Jon Ruggles,

Avatar: The Last Airbender was brought up in conversation this week. I will how make multiple connections between ATLA and the Gospel.

1) Battle within Zuko. The battle between good and evil that takes place in Zuko is QUITE accurate to what goes on each day with us. We can choose God or Satan, lets just be like Zuko and choose the right. Kick the Firelord in the face.

2) Zuko and Iroh. The relationship between these two is the same as with us and God. We are rebellious and think we know all, but we don't. Iroh is always wiser than us. He just wants us to choose the better path. #WhiteLotus

Your welcome. I will save the others for a future date.

I am fine. Investigators are cool. Latvija is not AS cold as Jūta (Utah) but it is cold.

3 new investigators last week. Woot Woot. 

I thought about Jon when I thought about Avatar. Luv u Jon. 


Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #38

2017 Resolutions
1) Be Better.
2) Lose more weight.
3) Don't make mistakes.
4) Maintain the power that I have gained.
5) Gain more power.
6) Beat every Escape Room in Riga.
7) Never be a Junior Companion.

Good list.

I had a drunk man ask me to rub noses with him yesterday. I told him no, and he said "Americans... (I had already said I was from the USA) All you do is vote for George Bush and invade Iraq." I said "Yes." If I was not a missionary, I would have done it. His name was Karlis. He did get close enough to my face that I could smell the cheap Russian booze.  I love Riga.

I bought a selfie stick.

We (me, Elder Demille, Elder Cooley, and Elder Birch) have done 2 Escape rooms in the past 3 weeks. We will do another today.

I had a man text me his Bank and Credit Card info yesterday asking for 30 euro. 

Happy New Year. 

This very well may be our last. All hail King Trump and his cheap orange spray tan!

See you next year.