Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #34


What a week. Busy one.

I saw  Elder Matthew Parker Seegmiller. Highlight of the mission so far.

I made a 6 kg turkey for the boys. Happy Thanksgiving. I also put 3 sticks of butter in the potatos (Latvijan butter sticks are about twice the size of American) and it was delicious.

Went to Jelgava this week. Elder Satterlee (the new Jelgava District Leader) is doing great. 

Cool Experience: We had to visit a referral that has been really hard to contact (she lives halfway between Riga and Jelgava and can only be reached by train). We went to see if we couldnt get her on the way home. We had to break into the building. Easy, 10 pressure button, code where you have to hit 3 at the same time. I am a pro at these, but we couldnt crack this one. Finally after 20 minutes I got angry and punched the code and it opened. Miricle #1. We got up there and knocked on the door and... No answer. We knocked 3 more times with the same result. We were like "Were never gonna be here again, were so angry" So we knocked her 4 neighbors, the first 3 hated us, but the 4th. He like us. He was Russian and spoke 2 year old level Latvian. We said "Baznīca" which means church, and he stepped to the side and let us in. Long story short, called the Russians and they taught him over the phone and he loved it. He gave us apples. We decided to try one more time on the referrals door, and she answered. Well, her cousin did, but we got her number and we are going back on Saturday. Woo Hoo.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week #33

Will be very short.

This week was fine. 

Got a new boy, he is fresh and ready to be molded by the master sculpter (me) back into a person. (The MTC works all of you personality out of you, a trainers job is to GET IT BACK) 

Elder Demille, from Spokane, WA.

We found A. He doesnt want to meet right now.

We have a new Investigator. He took us to on of his 7 houses in the woods and we talked about the BOM. He was also drunk. He owns a Screw Store ''Scrūves Visiem"  "Screws for All". His name is Ja.

No voice this week (sorry) I have no time lol @ me.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #32

Well, the middle class showed the left and the media who is boss. People dont love Trump here. He reminds them of Putin. 

We got a new investagtor this week, Al He is a Doctor who loves huntin, fishing, soccer, and we got along VERY well. He is about 60 years of age. Cool guy, rich guy.

An has once again dissapeared. We will give him a break for now...

I am now a Zone Leader. Calls came on Saturday and Elder Birch (my MTC Companion) and I will be the Latvija Zone leaders. Elder Andersen will move across the river and become our District Leader. He is so nervous.  I am very excited.

Elders Birch will also be in Riga and we will go on exchanges and it will be awesome.

Love you all!

(Im training again and I want to die)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #31


There is much snow here in Rīga.

Has it snowed in Utah yet? I hope so. I like snow.

Slow week. Only one lesson with a French man who had heard about the Book of Mormon only once. On South Park. After a good long chuckle, I said ''Let us tell you the truth" I was happy.

We helped the Sister with a lesson yesterday. It was with a 91 year old man named Jēkabs (Jacob). He told us about his history and about Latvījas history. He is a Jewish man who faught in WW2 and it was the most awesome experience of all time. His whole family was killed by the Nazi Germany but him and his dad. They were in Russia when their town was invaded. I have almost a full hour of voice recording, but you wouldn't understand a word. In fact, I don't have any recordings this week. SORRY! :(

We had 6 lessons cancel this week.

Have a ''Brilliance'' week.