Monday, June 26, 2017

Week #63

Two songs come to my head today:

1) Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2
2) Allergies- Paul Simon

The first because we had the Police called on us last night and got thrown out of an Apartment building. One of the highlights of my mission thus far.

The second because my ALLERGIES ARE KILLING ME. I sneeze 20+ times a day. I cannot wait for winter.

The one and only President Harding leaves on Friday and President P will arrive the same day. He is straight 100% Russian-Ukrainian, which will be interesting.

Our first Zone Conference with the new President will also be a celebration of the 241st Anniversary of the Greatest Governmental Establishment in the History of the World, The United States of America. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Along with the Russian District Zone Leaders (True Patriots of the Red, White and Blue), we have decided the opening Hymn will be ''America the Beautiful'' and we will close with ''The National Anthem''. We will be eating KFC, watermelon, grape cool-aid and apple pie. George Washington will smile down on us with his Ivory smile.

God Bless the U.S.A. (Dievs Svēti A.S.V)

I am good.

Investigators are also good. We got a new one just yesterday whose last name means stink bug in Russian, so yeah... We are happy.

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures all week. (Mother- I apologize and will send double next week)

Have you all read Jacob 4 yet?

Also, the Church came out with a new Missionary Database that allows you to see your Missionary Ancestors who served early in the church. Pretty cool.

There is the link. TEE HEE.

Great job!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week #62

I am now the only person in the Baltic States who knows about Steve Brule. (Welcome Home Parker)

I have been a SICK LITTLE BOY all week but no rest for me tee HEE because I am a MISSIONARY. For your Health!

I lack the presence of Parker in the Baltics. He was a good missionary and a better boy. For your Health!

Things are well. Elder Andersen is still cute and small and speaks Latvian now so that is NICE. We are the power couple of Rīga (He has been in Rīgā for 10 months and I for almost 13) and we will RULE WITH IRON FISTS AND MORMONA GRĀMATAS. For your Health!

Investigators are well. For their Health!

Get ready for next weeks email. It will be jammin. I am kinda bored with routines and we will be slammin them to the PAVEMENT. For my Health!


Love you all.

Also watch that video.

Week #61

I very recently started to write some poetry in my down time. I just write and don't think too much. I also now understand how truly disturbed I am. It is all very depressing. Elder Birch hates it.

Speaking of Elder Birch, we are no longer companions. He is going just across the river and I am staying (for my 10th transfer) in my 1st area. Yeah, that is crazy. President Harding, who leaves this transfer, has and will never transfer me. 

However, I am excited because I am Re-Training ELDER ANDERSEN. He is coming home after 8 months. He is like a college dropout who moves back with his parents (except he is actually of great missionary) and will live of off his Fathers success. I am happy.

Kr our investigator is doing great and will be Baptized sometime in July. 

Things are looking good here. 

I will miss Zone Leader Elder Matthew Parker Seegmiller, he is a great guy. We had fun talking to a guy on a bench last week reading a funny book (ask Parker the name, I wont say over email) and enjoyed a long MLC. I have truly been blessed to serve in the same mission as him.

Love you all.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week #60

Cats in the Craddle and the Silver Spoon, Little Boy Blue and the Man on the Moon, when you coming home Dad? I don't know when, but we will get together then Child, you know we will have a good time then.

An was baptized on Saturday. She showed up an hour early and was very anxious. It was a good Baptism all around. Funny jokes, the Spirit, a GREAT missionary musical number.
We will have Zone Conference and MLC (with Leadership Training) which means that me and Elder Matthew Parker Seemiller will see each other one last time before he leaves me all alone in the Baltics. I am STOKED.

Os also passed the Sacrament for the first time. He is a champ. Sometimes you just have to push him off the cliff before he realizes he has angel wings and can fly. He really does have wings. I'm not joking. Ask Elder Birch ( if you don't believe me. He will back me up.
Speaking of Elder Birch, I have done my best to make this day VERY awkward for him. For those of you who didn't turn of their computer/iphone/ipad/whateveryouusefortheinternetnowdays after reading the subject, June 5th is the day of my Fathers death. I am known for my insensitivity toward sensitive subjects, and I also am funny (and humble, TEE HEE). I have spent the entire day, stopping at random moments to tell him what was happening at that time on that day. He is uncomf, but will live.
Who cares about a few jokes, lets laugh a little, because he is okay. Families are Forever.That is not just something ''Mormons'' tend to say a lot, that is a FACT. God has laid out the PERFECT PLAN OF HAPPINESS so that we can live as families FOREVER. NO END. What is better than that? When ever you have a hard time in life, just remember what the future holds for those who hold to the rod.
Love you all, deceased and living.