Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #25

"Man ir miesa, Es neesmu spoks"


Im glad I left Utah before all of the tornados came. I am deathly afraid of tornados.

Also, Utah is 4-0 and beat USC and I am happy.

I am 3 pounds away from the 100's. EASY.

Anywho, Andris accepted that date. Gave up his cigarettes and got a Priesthood Blessing. EASY. (Not really, but a lot of fun)

He came to church but left halfway through so we will see what this week has in store.

Had a lesson with my main man Einars. (we are BFFS) We were talking about how everyone makes mistakes and we said that no one is perfect. He said "You guys are" and then he went off saying how he loves me and listened to me from day 1 because I have a "Clean Soul". I love him. Plus, his catchphrase is "Oki Doki", so ya, we get along.

The Boy is well, he cleans up after himself. (and me)

Love you all. Finished D&C this morning and it was good.

BTW, The title translated means (I have flesh, I am not a ghost) President Shostaks (Branch Pres) quoting Jesus.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #24

Not a ton of time today, okay?

This was a good week.

We accidentaly strolled into Rīgas Bībele Diena (Riga Bible Day) and got attacked by J-Dubs.

Not really, but we were talking to a guy and a J-Dub came up and joined the conversation. The guy was in a hurry so we were exchanging numbers and he (before he gave me his number) looked into the J-Dubs eyes and asked "Do you reccomend that I do this?" The J-Dub answered "NO" he looked at the j-Dub for a few seconds than back to me and gave me his number. It was a LOL moment, for sure.

We're gonna extend a Baptismal Date to A  tonight so PRAY FOR US! Gonna be tight.

Love you all, Rīga is cold!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #23

Fogs rolling in off the east river bank.

Hello dearest people who I write to each week.

How are all of you?

On Monday of last week, we ran into a bunch of "utah mormons'' on vacation. They forced 20 dollars in my pocket. Today we will eat like kings.

Also, the news that the team down south botched a 2 point conversion made me very, very happy. The world is still in order and the U of U is still on top, just like it should be.

There was an old lady walking down the street and I looked into her eyes, about to say ''Labdien" and her phone rang. Dancing Queen by ABBA was the ringtone. As Becca would say (and these are not my words, in fact, this phrase makes me cringe) it was a ''Tender Mercy''.

Hard weeks on hard weeks on hard weeks.

The boy is well. He is getting adjusted which means he no longer stares at me until I do something, which he then would copy that thing which I would do. He does still look at his watch every time I do, but we will go on step at a time.

In all reality, he is a great companion. Easy going and he understands my HUMOR. That is all I really need out of a companion.

We have 2 solid investigators.

A- He said in our first lesson ''Es gribu kristities, bet es neesmu gatavs." (I want to be baptized, but I am not ready) We will keep working until he is. Also, I was sick this week and after our lesson he went to the store and bought me medus (honey). Great man.

Also, honey might be my favorite food.

For about 2 weeks, I tried to start every conversation with "Sveiki, vai jūs spelejat Pokemon Go? (Hello, do you play Pokemon Go) with mild success. As we were walking down the street yesterday, a woman around the age of 50, who was stopped on her bike looked us dead in the eyes and said "Vai jūs grībat parunāties par Pokemon Go?'' (Do you want to talk about Pokemon Go" I said "jā" (ya) and she might come to English Class. I have reached Nirvana.

We also talked to a young guy in the park last night. He didnt want to exchange numbers, but we talked about Prophets and the Book of Mormon. He took the book and called back an hour later and said "I don't want to meet at your church, but can we meet in the park again and talk about this book, I read some I am really interested." It was cool. So we will meet in the park this week.

We picked potatoes in the middle of nowhere and I am sore as a horse.

Love you all.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #22

I remember when I was just a boy. 

Riga is getting colder and darker CRAZY.

The dark brings out the drunks more and I am awoken by people yelling from the street every night.

This week for 2 days me and my boy will have 2 new companions. Elders from Russia who are being transferred to Ukraine. It will be a hoot. I love going out in zebras. They cannot get away from us, we speak ALL the languages.

We have two really solid investigators, E and A.

E knows maybe 7 words in English and he understands something that we tell him he leans back on the couch and says "what" like he is dropping a mic or something. It is wonderful.

A wants to get baptized but is not ready right now and wants to work at it. We are MORE THAN WILLING to do that.

The library I am at is awful so no pictures this week (double picture next week) sorry.

Also, I have a picture of my family that I show people in lessons and on the street so they don't think I am a robot (which I am) and they always say "Which one is your mom" I convinced someone that Megan was my mom once. Apsveicu, Mom. The Latvians think you are young and hot.