Monday, February 20, 2017

Week #45

All of the glasses in our kitchen have Shrek on them. I don't know why I haven't yet mentioned this, but I thought it would be worth saying.

I heard Trump vs The Media 2017 is in full swing. I also heard that Trump lost by making up and attack in Sweden. I love that this is the same man who has the Nuclear codes. So much peace in my Eastern European heart. (Actually, all the hearts here are cold and hard, there is no room for peace) 

Any who, we have a few new investigators this week. To a cool young guy who speaks English very well and Ja an older lady who has now been given every book ever published by the church. The Branch President is very excited and gave her a lot of reading material. Great guy. They are all great, actually. I like all these people.

Me and Elder Satterlee are working on Dubbing 'The District' so get excited.

My weight has plateaued for now. I have been colder this winter because my fat reserves are gone. I may consider gaining it back.

Mom- Please try to find ''Ill build you a Rainbow'' and send it to me via email. I need it.

Week #44


Elder Satterlee is the #1 person in the entire world.

Elder Seegmiller came and stayed with me again. He is a good guy. His trainee is Elder Nathan Anderson and my first trainee was Elder Nathan Andersen. Nice.

Do you all remember and email months back where I talked about a 92 year old Jewish man who fought in WW2? I hope so. He is a good guy. He taught us some Latvian songs for language study this week. There was a word we did not know, so he asked me to come up and he would show us what it meant. When I was in front of all 10 of the Elders and Sisters in the room, he turned me around and gave me a good spankin'. Hence the title ''Pera gan, Pera gan, Kunziņi man.'' Woo Hoo.

E is still doing well. Will talk to his boss about getting more sundays off to come to church. Woo Hoo x2.

That is all from me, I am lazy and cannot remember too much from this week. I will be better. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week #43

Hei Hei Hei 

What is going on in ASV? (USA) Trump still doing cool things? He is a COOL President. He is the President we deserve, not the one we need.

Everyone here LOVES my dead dad jokes, BTW. They get very uncomfortable 1) Because they are uncomfortable 2) Because they are all "Were missionaries and that is not acceptable" and I just say "How dare you talk to me like that, you have a living dad" They can NEVER come back to that one. I am the same just more spiritual :)

We had a baptism in Rīga this week. Her name is In  and she was a Referral from Church Headquarters. Her less-active masseuse told her about the church. Miricles... :)

Also, I will stay in my area. I have never left Rīga Center South. Im not training again though. (Thank the heavens above. I would have jumped out of our 4 story window if I was.) I will be companions with...


My mission dream is a reality.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Week #42

Subject: Eminem, Rhianna, Tupac, Miley Cyrus, Nikki Manaj, are all of the Devil.

I saw a video of the Flop from the UofU vs Oregon game. The greatest flop of all time without a doubt.

President Trump is limiting the travel of Muslims to the USA, harassing the border between the USA and Mexico, and signing Executive Orders left and right. What does America do? We get all the women together are stomp around for a while and have Madonna give a key note speech. You look at me in the eyes (through the Computer) and tell me America has its head screwed on straight.

Any way, Eastern Europe is calm.

Roger Federer won the Aussie Open and I could not be more happy. He is the King of Tennis.

We have a new Schedule which means I have a little bit more down time. Woo Hoo I can finally read Jesus the Christ. (Great Book)

A member of the Branch, Jānis, gave a 25 minute talk and listed out all of the commandments, including that we cannot listen to any of the artists in the title. At 25 minutes he said, woah, i am only 10 percent through my talk. He is a joy.

We taught 0 lessons this week!

Have a great week.