Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #59

Another One Bites the Dust, Don't Want to Miss a Thing, and Men in Black.

I heard Queen, Aerosmith, and The Fresh Prince all in an 10 minute period of time last night. It was BEERFEST in Rīga and everyone was DRUNK but listening to good music. WOO HOO.

ANYWHO we will have a baptism on Saturday so I AM STOKED. An has been a wonderful consistent investigator. One that is hard to come by.

Kr is doing well as well. We will meet twice this week and smack DOWN a date.

We have 2 new investigators this week. J  and V who both have great faith. Both great guys. WE ARE EXCITED!

I also got some GREAT PANTS WOW! and I am so happy.

The Lord is good. 

Also, I have really enjoyed talks from the womens session of Conference. Bonnie Cordons was great. Read them if you haven't.

I love you all.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week #58

Daudz Līdaku Daugavā. Mēs šorit gandrīz noķeram vienu, bet diemžel, viņa salauza nost...

Labi. Man gribas rakstīt šo epastu Latviešu Valodā, bet mana mate būs ļoti dusmīga, tad laikam to nedarišu.


I went fishing this morning. Another Elder had a HUGE Pike break his line. It was great. Caught nothing though...

An is still on track for baptism and we have a new investigator named Kr who is bringing his Girlfriend to our lesson tonight. He is the Manager at McDonalds. TEe HEe.

All is good. I am happy. The Gospel is so true. 

Also, for those who read Mormon 9, that is my favorite chapter from BOM. Verses 4,21,27,28 are OUTSTANDING. READ IT!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #57

If you could read my mind Love, what a tale my thoughts could tell. Just like a paperback novel, the kind the Drug Store sells.

The subject of this email is credited to the man who is a look alike of Gordon Lightfoot that is sitting by me right now.

We gonna keep this one short today because I am sick, tired, bored, and hungry.

How are all of you?

Miracles are EVERYWHERE all AROUND me. People are wanting to hear about the Gospel and want to be Baptized. Crazy. It is warm and people are nicer again. The Gospel is true.

Read Mormon 9, there will be a quiz next week.

Os was Baptized and that is a miracle. 3 Years ago he was into all sorts of drugs and his life was a mess. He has come a long way and changed so much. Great guy.

But the most astonishing miracle of the week was recieving an email from Mr. Ramjoue. The title is also credited to Adrian, thank you.

Me and Elder Birch are just cruzin along finding good stuff to do. Latvija is wonderful.

Hope you all had a great mothers day. Read the scriptures, pray, go to church. All good stuff.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Week #56

Hei Hei Hei

In the words of the great Paul Simon''Time hurries on, and the leaves that are green turn to brown." 

Two things: 1- Time is FLYING BY SO FAST. IT IS CRAZY. 2- I hope that fall comes soon because it is getting HOT and STICKY again and I HATE SHOWERING TWICE A DAY.

I enjoy when it rains.

There is a man at this library currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, FIRE: The Emery Island Players. I am happy.

Anywhosies, O is getting baptized this Saturday. He is ready. He used to be into some heavy drugs and has made a complete 180 degree turn. His boss said to him "How can you believe that a 14 year old boy dug up some gold plates out of the earth?'' and O  replied "With all due respect, I would have said the same thing 3 months ago, but you just have to read it, and it all makes sense." I love him.

An is also still progressing well toward her date, June 3. We have many great investigators right now. We are blessed.

Here is a quote from our last Zone Conference by one of the Senior Sisters, Sister Barnes. It was the only thing she said the entire 7 hours. 

"Repentance is always a good thing.''

That is the most true sentence of all time. Repentance (or change) is ALWAYS a good thing. Dont fear it. Christ did not die for you to watch you suffer too. Let him take all of your pain and sorrow away. He always will.

Go Jazz.

Week #55

Happy Birthday Dad!

Pep Pep would be 53 today. CRAZY. Elder Birch is excited because my Dads Birthday and Date of Death are on P-Days and I LOVE TO MAKE OTHERS UNCOMFORTABLE.

Dont have a ton of time (or my camera) because all of the Libraries are closed an we have limited time today. Sorry.

Good week. We had 3 baptisms on saturday, which was fun and busy.

Oskars and Anda are both still on pace to be baptized. We are going to have a family home evening with O and some members. WOO HOO.

Next week will be longer and better.