Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #21

Jon Ruggle's Glorious Locks

Why did no one tell me about Jon's hair?  You all thought this was okay to leave out of emails?  I am sick to my stomach that no one told me. :)

Anywho, my new boy is well.  Elder Andersen is from South Jordan and know Brooklyn, my cousin.

We taught a few lessons, got a new investigator and contacted a bunch.  It has been great.

He hates BYU, I hate BYU.  He likes Indie, I like Indie.  It is a match made in HEAVEN.

We currently have 2 progressing investigators with 2 who will be at the end of the week.

Already been out 5 months.  That is weird!

Anywho, we had a really good conversation with an old man from England in the park.  He was very old and wise.

Love, Elders Josts

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #20

Well, training is over (officially, I ended a week early) and I am happy. I am no longer a new boy.

I don't know who my new companion is yet. I'll figure that out on Wednesday when I pick up my Trainee.


I do not speak Latvian and I will have a companion who speaks less than I do and they expect me to teach him how to be a missionary?

We will stay in Rīga Center South.

I am sorry for this new boy.

It will be fine, I am excited.

This week with Elders N and M has been LOOONG. 

We got a new Baptismal Candidate named R.

He lives in Ogre, 30 minutes out of Rīga and his wife wants a divorce, it is sad.
He is a really humble guy who just wants to come closer to God. We are excited. It was out 3rd lesson with him. Me and Elder Nelson met him on the street.

I love Latvia. The best Pizza I have ever had is from Pica Darbnica on Gertrudes Iela. The best Pork I have ever had is from Lido on Elizibetes Iela.

The Ice Cream is WAY better here.

Have a great week.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week nineteen

Many changes this week. I have 2 new companions, and I have finished training 2 weeks early. Elder N is the new Assistant and I am paired up with Elder M and Elder N. I will be staying in my area next transfer and might be training.

M got Baptized on Saturday. She was SOO happy. When she came out of the water, she was panting and covering her face out of joy. It was wonderful. When she bore her testimony the Holy Ghost was very strong. I have been so blessed to have her as an investigator in my training. She was patient and truly wanted to learn, which made things super easy. She sent me this text after I asked her how she felt. (Sometimes she texts in English and sometime in Latvian, this one was English) ''Yes, this day was amazing! I felt so much love! I knew it will nice, but I didn't expect that nice! And I have so much flowers! Wow! Thanks a lot! Arlabunakti! Līdz ritdienai!'' (They give women flowers and men chocolate here after baptisms)

We had Zone Conference. It was a blast.

Other than those 3 things, this week was not too interesting.

We contacted a ton and had 0 lessons.

Me, Elder M and Elder N will be on a 2 week exchange until the newbies get here on the 24th.
We will be going out to Jurmala (that means seaside) tonight for a Family Home Evening with the N's, a family that moved here 2 weeks ago. They are great.

I will keep all of you posted on what happens to me. Who knows, maybe ill be moved to Lithuania and be companions with Elder Seeg. That would be great. We would baptize the Baltics in a day.

Love you all, I didn't kill any birds this week.

Sincerly, Elders Deviņos (DEV-IN-YOAHS) It is 9 in locative case. My name literally translates to Nine Belt. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #18

Subject: Who will love a little Sparrow, whose traveled far and cries for rest?
In the worlds of Paul Simon:

"Who will take pity in his heart? Will no one write her eulogy? 'I will.' said the Earth, 'For all I've created returns unto me. From dust were ye made, and dust ye shall be.''

I have taken pity in my heart and am now writing her eulogy. She was a good bird. She had traveled far, and she is now resting above the clouds in paradise. If only she had realized that the pane of glass was not open air. She did not suffer long. 

Sparrow ????-2016
Now that the eulogy is done, I will explain. Me and Elder Nelson were standing in front of the church, talking to people and seeing if they wanted to take a tour. Out of nowhere, something smacks me on the top of my head. I look to the ground, confused, and I see a dying bird. What are the odds that a bird would fall perfectly on my head? Hopefully it means good luck. If not, I am in trouble.

Also, tell my that I am not the best looking skinny man in all of Latvia? You can not do it. It is impossible. Really though, I look sooooooo goood.

By the way, Elder Seegmiller, I lost 4 pounds in 1 day last week. 

That is not a joke by the way. I was extremely ill this week and I shed weight like a race horse. 

Anywho, M will get baptized on Saturday. She is so prepared and will be such a solid member. We are excited and have already planned our pizza/ice cream party.

Yesterday, in a taxi, Phil Collins came on. It was wonderful. I thought "How can this get any better?" just as I thought this, Candle in the Wind by Elton John came on. This place is home now.

One of our new investigators, E, told us yesterday that ever since he has met with us, he hasn't had any Alus (beer) and had had no desire to drink anymore. The Holy Ghost is incredible.

Business lunch was great. Brother S is by me and P is by Elder Nelson.
It was at a pub. Perseus hid his beer from the camera.

Great times in good old Riga.

Elder Josts

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #17

What. A. Week.

I love Riga. The people of Latvia are like Coconuts, really rough and scratchy on the outside, but hollow with some liquid on the inside.

That was a joke.

Ha Ha

I think it is a common misconception of people here that they are cold. They are the warmest people of all time.
Anywho, we have a few new investigators this week, but I will tell you about one.
P: A middle aged man with 2 kids and a wife. Formerly a Baptist Minister, and now is the head of one of the largest IT companies in Europe. He got a Book of Mormon in 2014 after contacting a member on the internet. He has read it on a regular basis since then. He was a referral given to us by a member and we met with him on Friday. He quoted from the Book of Mormon and told us exactly the chapter that Korihor makes his appearance in Alma. He also told us he knows that this is the true church. That never happens here, or anywhere in the world. He went on the "The Churches of Riga" facebook page and wrote about us and about the church. He will be defending the Church on the Largest Baptist Radio network in Europe this week.
He is also taking us, and a member to his favorite place to eat in Riga today. An IT Tycoon, one of the most successful Lawyers in Latvia, and Two Missionaries. I am PUMPED.
M's Baptism is in 2 weeks. We are getting all the details put together. She almost started crying in our last lesson because she "Doesn't feel like she has serves in the church enough". How did we get so lucky?
Our other Baptismal Candidate, Ja, has not been reached in 2 weeks. Completely fallen off the face of the Earth.
One of my favorite members, Janis (50% of the male population share the name), gave a talk in church yesterday. He spoke 15 minutes, and only got through 1/10th of his talk. He read straight from the scriptures and from some of the manuals, and at the end, said "If you don't follow these things, that makes you a Joker" and pulled a Joker card out of his pocket.
Another Janis story: He was helping with a lesson and to introduce himself he said "I am Ja. Hobby: Japanese language." and that was it.
Investigators are falling out of the sky. It is wonderful. Hard work brings blessings.
Love Elder Josts